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Hearing Tests

Audiology Services/ Assessment 

We offer free hearing tests 

This may include 

  • Hearing test - Air and Bone conduction 

  •  Video otoscopy - 

  • Tympanometry - this tests the movement of the ear drum (Tympanic membrane)

  • Uncomfortable Loudness Levels 

  • Most comfortable Loudness Levels 

We offer two different types of hearing test - 

30 min check - This is suitable if you are unsure if you have a hearing loss 
Please supply an email so that we can email the medical questionnaire prior to your appointment 
1hr 30 min appointment - This is suitable if you are over 50 years of age or had a previous diagnosis of hearing loss. This may also include a hearing aid and assistive device demonstration. 

Please contact us to book this type of appointment 


What to expect when you attend for
a hearing test : 

auriscope to look in ears

When you attend for your appointment, we encourage you

to bring someone with  you. 

  • We will explain what we are going to do and answer any questions you may have.

  • We will also ask for your consent. 

  • We will ask some relevant medical questions. 

  • We will look into your ears to perform otoscopy and we may be able to show you on a screen.

  • We will conduct a hearing test - air and bone conduction.

  • We may perform other relevant and appropriate tests.

  • We will ask about your lifestyle and needs. This is to make relevant recommendations based on your individual needs. When we find out about you, we can use this to make informed recommendations for you to have the best hearing possible in the situations you often find yourself.


A full explanation will be given of these test results and any recommendations.

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