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Tinnitus Coaching 

The Tinnitus Coaching is led by Johanna Carter. 

Johanna is a qualified and experienced Audiologist and Hearing Aid Dispenser holding a dual registration with RCCP and HCPC in addition to a membership to ANLP (she has worked in both the NHS and private sector is a qualified teacher, NLP Practioner, MBit Coach and Tinnitus Adviser). Johanna has lived with tinnitus since childhood. 


Johanna has a professional duty of care to clients - please note that some clients may require referral to other healthcare practitioners prior to coaching or instead of coaching.

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Take control of your tinnitus

Johanna looks forward to working with you to enhance and transform your life with a holistic approach to tinnitus management.

Johanna has a special interest in hearing, tinnitus and holistic approaches to wellbeing and health. The tinnitus coaching is a truly bespoke programme designed for each individual utilising different modalities including CBT and NLP.

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What is involved in the Coaching Sessions

Each programme and session is unique to the individual - the following are examples of sessions:
Free introduction appointment - 10-15 minutes

This is a short appointment to discuss your needs, duration approx 10 - 15 minutes (this can be face to face at Always Ear in Ansdell / over the telephone or a virtual session).

Initial session - approx 1 hour  to 90 minutes  

Discuss relevant history.
Explanation of the mechanisms involved in hearing and tinnitus. 
If appropriate at face to face - a hearing test and other relevant tests.

Discuss impact of tinnitus on the individual both personally and for significant others. 
Explore lifestyle and set outcomes for the sessions. 
Balanced breathing exercise.

Subsequent sessions- approx 1 hour

It is anticipated that there will be 4 subsequent sessions.

Expanding on the inital session where outcomes and expectations are set including a range of techniques that are appropriate to the individual.

This may include:

Timeline work,

Relaxation and trance.

Explore emotional response to tinnitus. 

Sound therapy. 

 Additionally discussion of assistive technology and devices that are appropriate. 

Cost of 5 sessions is £500

Cost of 2 additional sessions is £150
Prices valid until Autumn 2023

BTA/ Tinnitus UK members - 

15% discount off the Always Ear Tinnitus Coaching Programme*
* 5% will be donated to Tinnitus UK.

The sessions are available either Face to Face or virtual. 

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