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Who we support 2020-2021
The Swallows - Head and Neck Cancer 

We are passionate about people and decided when we established Always Ear to choose to support a charity every year. 

We aim to support one local Fylde Coast Charity with a cause close to our hearts. 

This year 2020-2021 we have chosen







The Swallows Head and Neck Cancer Support Group Blackpool. 

The Swallows Charity supports all people affected by head and neck cancers, patients, carers friends or relatives. The patient is the focus for support, help and signposting, however the role of carers and others is vital too, with their own support needs often overlooked. It is our intention for every person affected by head and neck cancer to have access to support at the point they need it and by the method off their choice on a 24/7 basis. This could be by telephone, email or social media. This is the key growth area for The Swallows as we move into 2020, namely that over a three-year period, we expand our global reach and provide resources to enable this 24/7 support to be freely available to all people affected by head and neck cancers.


It is a proven fact that early diagnosis saves lives, hence it is important to educate and inform people globally about a) how to avoid such cancers and b) how to look for warning signs that allow for early diagnosis and treatment.


Currently, The Swallows have several Support Groups in the UK. Aiming to increase this number over the coming years. The  Swallows provide a monthly meeting at which both patients and carers can attend to discuss their issues. They are given the opportunity to talk about these matters collectively or separately in a safe environment. 

Other activities include:


•    Providing a wide range of patient & carer information books, awareness leaflets, early detection, signs & symptoms leaflets and posters, self-screening leaflets, human papilloma virus awareness leaflets to patients, carers, relatives, GPs, professors, surgeons, clinical nurses, chemists and dentists.


•    The Swallows offer a unique & dedicated 24/7 support phone line, operated by patients & carers for the patient & carer (this is not a call centre)


•   The Swallows facilitate an annual Head and Neck Cancer Conference at which guest speakers and selected patients from around the world can discuss key topics, key innovations in treatment methods, greater cooperation between Health Professionals and how to improve a patient’s “cancer journey’.


•    The Swallows attend overseas Conferences to help us raise awareness of our activities to key potential partners in major industries.

•    Within the UK The Swallows are involved with Health Professionals at all levels to help them become more aware of the patient and carer journeys.

•    The Swallows collaborate in World Head and Neck Cancer Day on 27th July each year to help generate awareness to a more global audience.

•    The Swallows participate at Health and Well-Being events, often providing free Oral Health Checks, in order to highlight the dangers of smoking and alcohol consumption regarding the incidence of these cancers.

•    The Swallows website & social media platforms help to educate patients & carers with current and relevant information for Head & Neck cancers

•    The Swallows Charity shop’s primary purpose is to raise funds, which brings huge value to the local community which in turn supports local volunteers and helps boost the local high street

Both Abi and Johanna have worked in the Ear, Nose and Throat department at Victoria Hospital Blackpool and were involved in an ancillary role to the Oncology Clinic, testing a number of the clinic's patients. We are extremely proud to support the ongoing vital work of The Swallows. 

Swallows Logo with the Queen's Award for Voluntary service
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