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In The Ear / In The Canal

An ITE/ ITC is worn directly in the ear.

These may sit in the bowl of the ear or in the canal.


Most are custom made to the shape of the individual ear. They are generally considered more discrete due to no tubes or wires externally.

There are many variations on this type of hearing aid – the suitability depends on the anatomy of an individual’s ear, the hearing loss, dexterity of fingers and need for additional features such as telecoil.

There are many ITE/ ITC hearing aid types available. They all fit directly in the ear so it is important to get the right shape and fit for optimum comfort and sound quality. In the ear hearing aids are custom-made to you so they fit your ear perfectly.

These types of hearing aids are suitable for most types of hearing loss and are considered less noticeable than behind the ear hearing aid types, since there are no external wires or tubes.

Regular changes of the wax guards are necessary to keep the hearing aid running at it’s optimum performance. They need to be regularly maintained as they are susceptible to both moisture and ear wax blockage or damage.

Most use batteries which are generally smaller than other aids which may mean more battery changes. They are also available in rechargeable options – which means no more battery changes and enhanced moisture protection.

Silk in the canal hearing aids
Insio In the ear hearing aid
In the canal black hearing aids


Premium Hearing Aids 

 £3600 PER PAIR

 + £150 for rechargeable option

+£150 for Premium Plus 

Advanced Hearing Aids 

 £2800 PER PAIR

+£150 for rechargeable option

Mid Range 
Hearing Aids

£2000 PER PAIR 

+£150 for rechargeable option

Economy Hearing Aids

£1200 PER PAIR

+£150 for rechargeable option

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